Entry – Payment

  • Entry is made with a binding obligation whether the entry is made via internet og by mailed form.
  • Payment to TelemarksKANALRITTET shall proceed unsolicited according to order.
  • Missing payment does NOT cancel the binding obligation.
  • When TelemarksKANALRITTET has registered payment according to date/price limits the participant will be signed on to the official starting list.
  • If the amount is received later than the given date/price limit an additional fee will have to be added prior to handout of starting number.
  • When making the entry each one accepts the publishing on the internet of information such as name and placing tied up to the Event.
  • Mailed entries will be registered at the latest 7 days after we receive confirmed payment transaction according to date/price limits.
  • If you, after having paid, make changes to your entry causing the entry to be cheaper in price than originally paid, please be aware that we do not refund surplus amount.
  • Race administration holds the right to delete entries with faulty or false information.

ILLNESS – Cancellation

  • Only in the case of illness, legally documented by a medical certificate the participant may be transferred to next year’s TelemarksKANALRITTET.
  • Beyond this the participant can perform no claim request.
  • The medical certificate must be sent to TelemarksKANALRITTET’s secretariat and bear post stamp at the latest 10 working days from the day of the Event.
  • In the event of cancellation of the entire Event, due to conditions beyond Grenserittet’s command, force majeure and similar, 50% of the fee will be paid back. Such an announcement will be made on our web pages and at our secretariat.

INSURANCE – Responsibility

  • All participants participate at their own risk and have to obey current legislation concerning traffic rules and other behavior regulations, additionally all orders from TelemarksKANALRITTET’s staff must be obeyed.
  • In terms of insurance it is strictly prohibited starting under the name of a different person.
  • «Bike Park» and «Bike Wash» are free services! Benefit from these services at your own risk.
  • Everybody has to wear an approved helmet all through the ride, bike exchange or escort car is not allowed.
  • Participants competing in aged classes and not in possession of a full year licence must purchase one when making entry to the race, except for non-Norwegian participants who must organise a personal insurance themselves.


  • Participant are under all circumstances responsible for retrieving their own starting number well in advance for start.
  • Participants MAY be asked to show ID when retrieving the start kit envelope.
  • Starting number must be worn according to user guide.
  • Littering is strictrly prohibited and may lead to disqualification.
  • For Kanalrittet the advice is use of MTB bike. No profiled handlebars allowed.
  • Breaking of any of the above mentioned may lead to disqualification.